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Paragon Siena Aluminum 11 ft x 14 ft Gazebo

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Product Features

  • Aluminum composite roof reduces sun's heat
  • Roof panels have multiple layers that add strength and soften the sound of rain
  • Sliding screen doors on all 4 sides.
  • Roof’s underside ceiling is white-cream color creating a lightened glow within
  • Roof system offers year round permanent use
  • Multipurpose structure for all four seasons
  • Top cap allows wind escapement and decorative design element
  • Architectural design elements in posts & rails add strength and beauty
  • Dual anchoring system provided for either concrete or solid ground
  • Attaching gazebo to wood decking requires additional screws or bolts (not included)
  • Hex-drive bolts attach profile sections, 2 hex tools provided
  • Power drill is optional in some stages if preferred
  • Assembly can be completed in less than a day depending on the number of people involved (no more than three people, normally two)



11 ft x 14 ft (Inside to Inside): W x L
116 in. X 147 in.
11 ft x 14 ft (Overall Height)
115 in.
Paragon Outdoor
Frame Material
Gazebo Roof Type
Gazebo Wall Type
Structure Shape